What to Look For When Choosing the Right Roof Color

What to Look For When Choosing the Right Roof Color

One of the most significant renovations that you can do for your home is replacing the roof. They may have long lifespans, but roofing materials are exposed to the elements every day and will eventually undergo wear and tear. Given the project's complexity, homeowners do not want to discover that they have chosen a roof color that they do not want to live with for the next few decades.

Roof colors and building materials come in many different hues. The finished roof can seem considerably different from a few sample shingles, much like looking at color swatches before selecting to paint a room. Numerous aspects of a home can influence how a finished roof blends in with the overall appearance. There are also crucial factors to consider when picking a roof color that can affect your home's long-term operating costs. Here are some of them:

Color Contrast

When there is a contrast between the siding's color and roof color, the home has a greater aesthetic harmony. If the siding is light, choose a dark color. If the siding is dark, a light roof color is recommended.

When the roof color matches or picks up the colors used on window shutters, doors, and other accent trim, the house's exterior appearance comes together even better.

Pattern Contrast

The roof shingles should be solid if the home's siding is patterned, such as multicolored stone bricks. Similarly, if the siding is a solid color, such as stucco, a solid color roof will appear monotonous.

Some shingle materials come in various colors, while others are substantial, such as asphalt shingles. Different roof shingles come in a variety of colors. Some materials have modest color differences, but others have a greater diversity of opposing colors.

Similarly, if the siding color is relatively uniform, it makes the house more appealing to the eye if the roof has a lot of color diversity.

Size of Your House

The house's height can significantly influence the overall effect of the roof. Darker hues capture the eye more than lighter ones. This means that excessively dark shingles might make the roof stand out uncomfortably on a single-story structure, such as a bungalow.

A very light roof on a sizable, multistory house, on the other hand, might make the house look washed out or bland because the roof can form up to 40% of the visible façade. The best shingle color permits the roof to blend in with the size of the house in a pleasing and balanced manner.

Architectural Design

The home's style and time can have a significant impact on how particular color selections seem. Grand 19th-century homes look best when coupled with black or dark brown roof materials. These eye-catching dark colors appear to be in keeping with the style's customary majesty.

On the other hand, natural clay tones, such as rusty reds and oranges, look fantastic on more modern stucco-sided homes.


When it comes to choosing an attractive roof color, the colors of the rest of the house aren't the only thing to consider. The dominant colors in the surrounding area can also significantly impact how the roof color complements the overall appearance of the property.

When a home is located near the water, blue roofs blend in nicely, making them a fantastic choice for beach houses. When a deep green roof is chosen, homes nestled in areas where flora prevails—such as a cottage tucked away in the woods—appear to be a natural part of the surroundings.


Aside from the aesthetics of choosing the correct roof, practical factors might influence the cost of heating and cooling a home.

Light roofs keep homes cool, whereas dark roofs draw heat. On a hot day, a dark roof can make the attic of a home up to 40 degrees hotter than an adjacent property with a lighter roof. In a hot environment, homeowners can save money on their air conditioning by picking the lightest roof color that complements their home's aesthetic elements by choosing the lightest roof color that works well with the aesthetic features of their home.

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Sure, you can find a lot of color options for your roof, and you can consider the pointers we have provided. But it's ideal to hire a qualified roofing professional to guide you throughout the selection process.

At Three Mountain Roofing, we will assist you in choosing the right roof color. Our roofing contractors in Vermont will install it properly to keep your home looking great and protect it from the weather for years to come. For a free estimate, please get in touch with us today!


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