Here’s When You Need to Call a Roofing Company ASAP

Homeowners encounter problems around their property regularly—and it can range from simple fixes to complicated situations, often requiring the help of a professional to solve. Among these many possible problems would be damages to your roof—which could prove to be catastrophic if left to rot. After all, a house’s roof serves to protect you and your family against outside forces.


Despite how firm it’s built and how long you expect it to last, a roof can still accumulate problems over time, from a tiny leak to a significant crack. Depending on your situation, a major case will need the assistance of a reliable roofing contractor to make sure it doesn’t get worse.


While you may have some tools you can utilize on your own or the knowledge to fix a roofing situation, take note that handling roof repairs requires proper care and in-depth observation to fulfill the task without problems. Keep reading below to find out when it’s time to call a professional to handle the job of fixing your roof.


There’s a Leak on Your Roof


Experiencing a roof leak is common among homeowners due to an array of reasons, including broken roof flashing and worn-out roof shingles, tiles, and slates. A leak usually occurs in the area surrounding your chimney, gutters, skylights, vents, pipes, low spots, and valleys.


The moment you see leaking water from your roof, discoloration forming on your ceilings, or moisture appearing across your walls, you should make an effort to contact roofers near you. They can perform the necessary inspection and get to the bottom of the leak to prevent it from becoming worse.


Water is Pooling on Your Roof


Pooling water on your roof can be hard to detect, especially if you don’t always check your roof after experiencing a storm or heavy rain. Over time, the puddle of water that has been left on your roof can damage it further and cause trouble in your household.


If you own a flat roof, you can ask a roofer to build tapered areas on the top to keep water from damaging your roof. It will allow rainwater and snow to slide down your roof effortlessly and prevent pooling water from occurring. 


There are Holes on Your Roof


Despite the sturdy structure of your roof, it can still harbor holes and punctures due to situations involving foot traffic and wildlife encounters. Unfortunately, different kinds of animals that chance upon your home and go up to your roof can leave scratches, marks, or holes in them. Birds and other creatures can also damage and create holes in your roof; it’s in their nature, after all! 


Similarly, a contractor who isn’t careful about providing regular roofing maintenance can affect your roof shingles and eventually cause damages not only on the surface but below your roof’s foundation as well. 


Your Roof is Deteriorating 


Your roof can be affected by various calamities and the change in seasons, leading it to shrink and depreciate its value in the long run. A roof susceptible to deterioration and other damages may require roof replacement when the situation cannot be salvaged. 


A shrinking roof usually happens when its material is made of EPDM, a synthetic rubber membrane that’s durable and cost-efficient, among other various roofing available in the market. One solution to consider to prevent your roof from deterioration is by calling for regular maintenance or by calling for a total replacement instead.




Having a hard-wearing roof over your head is essential to any household because it keeps you safe and maintains your home’s excellent condition. If you’re unsure when to call a roofing company to assess your roof, typical signs involve the formation of leaks, water pools, holes, and shrinkage. It would be best to get your roof often maintained to avoid costly repairs and unwarranted replacements. 


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