Common Signs of Roof Damage_ How Commercial Roofers Can Help

Every home, building, and office deserves to be serviced and maintained well. While daily cleaning tasks are a must, there are also annual, biannual, and even monthly maintenance tasks that will extend the lifespan of your place of business. 

Gutter systems, drains, and appliances alike undergo regular wear and tear, and there comes a time when repair or replacement is necessary. While some building maintenance tasks are easy to DIY, there are others that will require the expertise of a professional. 

Your commercial roof is one of your home components that often requires an expert. Unfortunately, the average person is not able to spot roofings system issues proactively. They also often don’t have the necessary equipment to access the parts of the roof that require inspection! 

Fortunately, we’re here to help you learn how to spot some common signs of roof damage. 

Stay Proactive When Looking for Roof Damage


As mentioned previously, roofing systems are prone to damage due to different kinds of elements. Beyond that, the materials used on the roof of your commercial building should be considered. Some of them have shorter lifespans than others. Many commercial building owners opt to have top-notch quality roofing that will last for more than ten years.


To effectively identify roof damage, regular inspection should be performed, especially before and after harsher seasons. Make sure to look for signs of peeling, cracks, blistering, curling up, and tar. Be extra attentive to the roof areas surrounding the roof where damage can be difficult to notice.


The following are some of the signs of damage you need to watch for:

1 - Mold, Moss, and Mildew

Check for possible moss, mold, or mildew thriving on the roof. When these are present, it is an indication that there is excess moisture under your roofing system. Aside from weakening your roofing system, these microorganisms can be detrimental to your employees’ health. Keep a watchful eye out!

2 - Loose Roofing Materials

When you discover that the roof membranes and tiles are starting to lose or may slide easily, there could be an underlying problem. A roof repair may be needed, so it’s a good idea to call an expert.

3 - Accumulated Water

When there is a standing accumulation of water on the roof, your roof will be more prone to damage. Make sure to drain the water away and keep your roof clean.

4 - Bubbles and Blisters

When blisters and bubbles start to form under the roofing materials, water damage could be present. Urgent attention is necessary, so get in touch with your local roofing company for a professional inspection.

5 - Missing Roofing Materials

When you notice a missing material in your roofing, or there is a noticeable change in its appearance, it is an indication of possible damage.

6 - Stains and Discoloration

A common sign of leaks on your roof is stains and discolorations. When you observe these on your roof, make sure to seek professional help.


Finding the signs of possible roof damage will help you avoid future issues. Make sure to repair or perform preventative maintenance. The sooner you can fix the damage, the more money and time you can save. Once you’ve noticed the signs of roof damage to your buildings, make sure to contact a commercial roofer. These experts have both the skillset and the equipment to fix the damage.


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