3 Pre-Metal Roofing Installation Tips to Take Note Of

For any roof replacement project today, one of the most suitable well-worth options considering above all else is metal roofing. 


With its unparalleled durability, low maintenance, attractiveness, and applicability for any Vermont residence, the reasons to invest in such a solution are nearly endless. Whether you have a mansion in need of a makeover or an apartment that needs a new top, a metal roofing solution will fall in place perfectly!


After doing some research, looking around, and some planning with Three Mountain Roofing, it seems like everything’s set for a full replacement and installation. As you say goodbye to your asphalt or clay shingles and make way for comfort and convenience, however, you’ll need to address one more aspect: The metal roofing installation preparation process. 


A basic guide to the different factors to consider when preparing your home


Although getting a metal roofing installation or replacement may seem like a relatively straightforward process, it’s crucial to consider the fact that it still entails much preparation. During the days or weeks leading up to your contractor’s visit, you’ll need to keep an eye on various factors that can be easily accounted for with these three tips: 


Tip #1: Research the different options that you can play around with


One of the strongest selling points of metal roofing for any home is that it’s flexible when it comes to the different options that can easily make a unique set-up.


Generally, metal roofing options come with various details, such as profiles, colors, gauges, and other bits and pieces that can make your set-up suited for your needs. For example, the roof pitch can be altered and gauged to maintain a weather-tight finish and matched up with aesthetic styles, profiles, and panel styles for the perfect combination.


Once you’re well-aware of what you want to happen with your roof replacement project, it will be easier to ensure that the finished product will best match your needs! 


If you aren’t sure as to what combination of options would best suit your needs, feel free to consult with Vermont’s finest professionals over at Three Mountain Roofing! 


Tip #2: Clear up the workspace


If you want the replacement process to carry out as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you’ll need to clear the space around your home or building for your contractor to work.


For most homes, the best way to clear up space and make it easier for contractors to do what they do best is to remove items from the patio, deck, balcony, and yard. Alternatively, it’s also worth noting that you should rid your landscaping of any other debris and cover it with a tarp so that workers won’t need to waste time making accommodations for unnecessary processes! 


Tip #3: Give your neighbors a heads up


Would you want to wake up early on a Sunday morning because of the sudden clunking and banging outside your window? Definitely not, and neither would your neighbors if the roles were reversed. In sleepy towns like Vermont, where the loudest thing you’ll hear is the wind, the clangs and bangs of a metal roof replacement can startle anyone. 


As a golden rule of common courtesy, giving your neighbors a heads up that you’re having your roof replaced and some noise will get a bit too loud at times is critical to keep in mind so that you don’t get any complaints. By keeping everyone else in the loop of what’s going on with your project, you’ll make it easier to ensure that your contractors can keep working smoothly!




Although getting a metal roof replacement easily makes for an exciting experience that can transform your home’s look and feel, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re making the necessary preparations. By considering the three tips mentioned above during the days leading up to the scheduled project, it will be much easier to ensure a far smoother experience from start to finish! 


Are you looking for residential metal roofing in Vermont for your home's next phase of transformation? Three Mountain Roofing has got you covered with the best options that can be found in the entire locale. Visit our website today, and get in touch to schedule an appointment with our professional contractors!

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