Some Important Tips in Preparing for Your Roof Replacement

Regardless if it’s due to extreme weather or natural wear and tear, roof replacement is a necessary process that we would have to go through to keep our household safe. Dealing with leaks during the rainy season is one thing, but strong winds and thunderstorms are more pressing matters in that regard, and the only thing separating us from those conditions are the durable metal sheets above our heads.

That said, specific preparations must be taken before we can even begin with the roof replacement process. Yes, you may hire professionals to do most of the heavy lifting for you, but you are still responsible for your household and your valuables. Any incident within the process that may damage or hurt those around you is your liability since you could not implement the necessary measures.

If it happens to be your first time to have your roof replaced, chances are you would want to know what the specific preparations are. To help you get started, we’ve listed tips for your reference: 

Relocate Your Kids and Pets before the Roof Replacement Takes Place

Your priority should always be about the safety and well-being of your kids and pets. While it may be easy just to let them all out while the contractors are busy replacing your roof, there is a chance for them to run back indoors, as both are known to be playful and unaware. Don’t take any chances and avoid all the risks early on.

You may take your kids and pets to your well-trusted neighbors or relatives while the process is still ongoing. The same goes for your spouse since you need someone to look after them as well. You may volunteer to be left behind, as the contractors will need your input regarding the replacement.

Cover or Move Your Valuables Away from the Work Area

Regardless of whether your home has an attic or not, you must protect your valuables as well. Covering them with thick fabric or moving them away from the work area will prevent any damage. The contractors may even be polite enough to help you carry them off, adding more to their exemplary service in the process.

The same principle applies to all your amenities, whether they are powered by electricity or not. Even if they are insured, you would still want to protect them as such a process will just double your work in the long run.

Coordinate the Replacement with Your Cable or Satellite Providers

This may seem like an unnecessary part of the process until you realize that your roof also contains all your satellite dishes. In such a case, you may need to mention the roof replacement so that they can remove it for the time being. 

Don’t worry—they can install it back again, or until such time that the roof replacement has been done. Doing this early will prevent any damage on those satellite dishes, bringing you consistent entertainment once the dust has settled.


Roof replacement is a process that every homeowner has to go through after a few decades or so. While modern roofing materials allow them to last for many years, the truth is that they may still be affected by extreme weather, so investing in a roof replacement is your only viable option for keeping your house safe from further damage. 

Relocating your kids and pets, covering all your valuables, and having your satellite dishes removed temporarily are just some of the most crucial preparations you can do before the whole replacement begins. Remember to do them all, and you will never run into any obstacles along the way!

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