What You Have to Know About Asphalt Roofing Today

You might be here because you’re curious about getting a good roof to protect your home. Well, the type of roofing that we recommend is asphalt. This material is known to be very durable and long-lasting.

Asphalt roofing is meant to protect and function for up to thirty years. However, a variety of elements influence and affect the lifespan of an asphalt roof.

Read on to discover what you have to know about asphalt roofing, how long it could really last for your home, and all the things that could possibly affect its long-term performance.

Asphalt Roofing and Its Lifespan

Asphalt shingles with three tabs, both dimensional and premium. As examples, we'll look at 3-tab and dimensional asphalt shingles.

Three-tab shingles have a 25-year warranty. Meanwhile, dimensional shingles have a 30-year warranty.

Asphalt roofs that are properly built and ventilated should last 80-85% of their estimated lifespan. 3-tab shingles should last between 20 and 22 years, while dimensional shingles should last between 25 and 28 years.

These figures are based on an asphalt roof that has been correctly built and ventilated. Otherwise, your roof will have to be replaced.

5 Variables That Dictate the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Roof

Now that you know how long an asphalt roof should survive, learn about its qualities. The roof's durability is influenced by five variables.

The Ventilation

A roof's durability is dependent on proper attic ventilation. Hot and cold air will damage your asphalt roof if your attic isn't properly vented.


Heat buildup will destroy your roof, demanding a replacement. Manufacturer warranties on roofing materials are void due to insufficient ventilation.

The Roofing Service

Hiring a dependable roofer protects your investment. When your roof is properly installed, it will last longer.

It is critical to hire a roofer with a proven track record of installation. You will have to replace your roof sooner than intended if they do not apply proper roofing techniques.

Whether you require repairs or a total replacement, your contractor has an impact on the lifespan of your asphalt roof. A track record of proper installation is insufficient when choosing a local roofing contractor.

The Weather Conditions

We all know by now that weather changes could be volatile. As such, every roof gradually deteriorates due to the elements. The pace of asphalt roof deterioration is determined by extreme weather conditions and your local climate.

Shingles drop granules more quickly in areas where little hail is common. You cannot file an insurance claim, but your asphalt roof's lifespan will be decreased.

The Orientations of Your Roof

You most likely assume that the orientation of your roof is unimportant. Direct sunlight shortens the life of your roof.

When the roof is oriented east and west, each side receives an equal quantity of sunshine at sunrise and sunset. Only the south side of the structure will be exposed to direct sunlight and weather damage if it faces south.

The Frequency of Roof Maintenance

All types of roof debris retain moisture. If your shingles are wet, your roof will not be able to recover from weather changes and bacteria. As such, regular roof maintenance is critical for extending the life of your roof.

 Roof inspections every year detect common faults before they cause damage. With professional services, you can ensure to clear debris from the roof, valleys, and gutters.


Indeed, asphalt roofing has proven its place in the roofing industry despite the fact that all external elements influence its lifespan. Now, the rest of the work is up to us homeowners to make the most out of the product that we get. After all, this is an investment. Simply make sure that you work with professional teams to maintain your roofing up to its fullest potential.

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